A downloadable game for Windows

Complete the teleportation ritual and escape.

This was developed across the month of November 2018, as a submission for Degica's Indie Game Making Contest. We're planning on continuing development in the future.

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Install instructions

download the zip file and extract it somewhere, then double click the black and white unity cube icon to play.


Deep Snow 18th Jan (Leftfield) 16 MB
Deep Snow 29th Nov (IGMC) 16 MB


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Here is my review:


I think it has some  issues, but it has potential! I am looking forward to the future builds and will review them as well! Hope my review gives you some guidance on what to adjust for future builds!

Thank you very much, your review is great and I'd say it's suited more for us than for potential players, which is a fantastic approach for indie projects. :)

Hi! Liked this game, short and all! I am looking forward to seeing what is in store on the 28th! Great job developer and keep up the good work! :) 

Thanks a lot man, really love the video. The game build has been updated as planned (we're showing it at a local event tonight) but we might do one or two tweaks until the 30th, which is the deadline of the jam we're making it for. Thanks again for the playthrough, jam games and itch.io "pop-ups" are a side of the game-dev scene that is probably still not explored enough. :)

Games like this are hidden gems and don't receive nearly enough attention...at first! I hope you guys get noticed and are able to keep doing what you do!